Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Respite...Much Needed...Respite

We were desperate.
We were at the end of our rope.
We needed RESPITE...LONG TERM RESPITE and fast!!

Our attachment therapist had a very good friend in another state who specialized in doing theraputic treatment respite. They also had adopted several children who had their adoptions disrupted.

After several days of new bruises mysteriously appearing on Abi, after several days of attempts to hurt her things became very desperate. We received a call from our therapist to tell us that her friend had an opening and could take C. We needed to take him NOW!!! We didnt' have the $$. We didn't even know how we would get the money. I called the adoption agency/church social services. I spoke to the director. Told him what was going on. They were somewhat aware because we had applied for special needs adoption subsidy (that is another post)...and so they were aware things were bad.

At approx. noon on a Wednesday I received a call from CB...we needed to bring C to them immediately. They had other children on a list. They were going to take him over the otehrs because they knew our situation was bad. They knew that if he wasn't out of our home immediately that something would happen to A. She knw that our Psychiatrist wasn't supportive. She was the ONLY pdoc we could go to and thought that "I" was the problem. Our therapist had done all she could. And this was our last ditch effort.

The director of LDS/SS called our Stake President. He told met hat he wasn't going to tell him th he needed me to. I told him that there was no way that I could 'tell another person'. I was at a point where I couldn't talk about it anymore. So he explained the situation. Pres. B called me immediately and told me that he would meet me after my bus route that afternoon. And we would be able to get the funding needed for the treatment home.

We called CB, took a leave of absense from our jobs, called my family, packed the car....and left that night. We didn't tell C where we were going. We drove through the night. And arrived the next day right before lunch time.

This was the first time we had left our little boy. It was devastating....really devastating....and when I thought this was the "hardest thing" I would have to do as a parent.


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