Saturday, April 26, 2008

Living in Las Vegas

While in LV we were only 4-5 hrs away from where my inlaws lived in Utah. We were able to visit a few times.

While there we had to find jobs. The jobs we had originally been offered were not available by the time we got there. Due to the 9-11 attacks there were not the tourists as normal.

I found a job in a daycare center. I hated it. A hated it. It was however, an income and so it worked.

We talked often about having C come back home. He was doing good. Maybe things were getting bette for him? Maybe he was outgrowing this "stuff". Maybe...Maybe..>Maybe...

Then the stress of everything started to really pull us apart.

What was about to happen next was about to change things - drastically.

The stress nearly ended or marriage.

As I sat on my bedroom flooring sobbing in praer to my Father in Heaven "how could this happen"..."How can I call my parents and tell them..." ..."How am I going to tell my husband....I want a divorce and BTW...."

I'm pregnant.

Yep...the person who would not get pregnant on her own after how many specialists and tests....

Is now pregnant again. It wasn't confirmed. I knew...I just knew!!

That night when James crawled in bed I told him something to the effect..."I'm not sure how I am going to get threw this....I have no clue how our marriage is going to survive... It has to. "


"I'm Pregnant"...

No more silence.

The next day I went and sat for 3 hours in a Las Vegas Urgent Care. That morning I told James that I needed to go to the doctor. He knew I was sick because..>I really was. And so there we went. It was confirmed. Not only did I have pneumonia but I was pregnant. This was few weeks before Christmas.

We went and spent Christmas in Utah w/C and James' family. Actually, we were there the weekend before. Christmas was on a Tue. I think that year. We went from Th-Sunday. Because of my work.

As we drove back to LV we stopped in St. George. We had a very ill 2 yr old. I was very homesick and also sick pregnant. (Most of my pregnancy w/A I spent on bedrest). We stopped at a restaurant that Sunday night and as my baby puked and puked and puked and was as limp as could be I cried w/her. Cried because I missed the "doctors" from back home. Because my baby had been sick since we moved there. Life sucked. We were there for Corry... We didn't want to be "too close" but enough so we could see him.

It wasn't working.

That night Sunday night as we drove into Las Vegas James dropped me off at the ER w/A. He took our then stupid dog home and came back to the ER. I argued w/the ER pediatrician that he couldn't admit my baby to the hospital. I was in this horrible city, by myself (my good friend Misty had not moved there yet) and it was Christmas... He made us promise to bring her back the next few days for xrays and for breathing treatments. It would cost us $50 p/ER visit but we would do it...if it meant we could stay at home w'/our little girl. She had pnemonia and was very ill. We nursed her at home and she did get better

I called my mom that night and told her we wanted to come home. We were thinking about it. We were not 100% but we were thinking about it.

The next day my work gave me I quit on the spot. James called the hospital where he worked here in WI. His 'old' boss was on vacation. She listened to her messages on Christmas Eve and was ecstatic to get his call. She told him "When you get back here...the job is yours. When do you want to start?" he had ag reat job with great benies at the state of wi...

We arrived back in WI 2 weeks later. My parents flew to LV and helped us move back. It was a long 2 day drive that included us being in an accident 20 miles outside of LV...My parents nearly killing my husband. But we did it....we got moved back.

Our plans to have c come back to live w/us ended at that point. Until we could figure things out further. I needed to get threw my pregnancy. I actually needed to go to the doctor and make sure things were going okay. I had been put on bed rest in LV for bleeding. So we would consider our plan for him at a later date.

I felt good though...because he was 'supposedly' doing good w/my in laws.

6 yrs later...We have a sweet little 5 1/2 yr old...more on him some other time.

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