Saturday, April 26, 2008

SSDI and Special Needs Adoption Funding

Corry was at the respite home for a little over a month. Close to 2 months. It was planned that he woudl be there for approx 3-6 months. At which time we were hoping that the SSDI would be approved. As well as the State of WI Special Needs Adoption Subsidy.

We were in the process of apply for the SN Subsidy for sometime. The State of WI tried sayiing it was a"private adoption" because we knew the grandparents. True we knew them. But we did not seek them out. they saught out the agency and told them to contact us. It was a long drawn out battle. In the process we had to get the agency involved. As I've mentioned before the agencfy wasn't the most helpful.

The social worker we worked with ahd been moved to another state. In my opinion (ever so humble as it might be) feel it did have something to do w/our case. Then this point who cares. I surely don't. It is what it is...they didn't do their job 100% and in the end our son suffered...we suffered...our entire family suffered. Whatever.

Anyway, one day we get this letter in the mail. It was a "copy" of the letter that was sent to the State of Wi. Special Needs Adoption Department.. I will never forget reading that letter. I still have it somewhere. Every time I read it - it sends chills up my spine, tears come ten fold and I can't help but become a mess.. I will not post what it said exactly because I don't want to become a blubbering mess by having to get it out.

Basically the content was this....


I read that letter and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My son was currently 12-14 hr car ride away. He was not doing well in the home he was at. Which was bitter sweet (more on that later). We were contemplating a TPR at that point w/the family who were doing respite for us.

This is the same agency who knew that there was problems. This is the same agency who knew this kid was crapping in cupboards, who knew that he was threatening to kill me, my unborn child, the same child who was urniating in toy boxes, the same child who I called them about nearly every single week because I was at a loss of what to do. This is the same agency who after receiving these calls sent us to their psychologist for an evaluation. This is the same agency who decided to let us finalize our adoption 6 months earlier than the agencies regular timeline because I was prg and due around the same time...and they wanted to make sure we finalized.

Can I just be un-Christ-like right now and say "asshats"!!

They Knew....
They knew....

They can not tell me they did not know!!!

Not only did they place 2 NEWBORN ADOPTIONS FROM THE SAME BIRTH MOTHER but they were aware of her exteneded history. And failed to tell us! Sure we knew she had "issues" Sure we knew she had a history of drug abuse. We were told she was placed in patient her entire pregnancy but the first month or so and then the last few weeks.


Needless to say not only did the SSDI get approved on the FIRST application but we won our suit against the state of wi special needs adoption division.

Does this not smell of bad fumes to you? We were approved for the largest amount of financial subsidy that the state of wi pays for SN Adoptions... This includes larger than children in a wheelchair, g-tube fed and other serious health infractions. Our therapist was shocked...we were shocked. Looking back...the state knew we had a wrongful adoption .

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