Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fast Fwd August 1998....Part 1

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Fast forward to the summer of 1998. We knew the TPR hearing was coming soon.

C's birthmom was in prison a few hours away. She was a great con artist and would "hinder" the hearings someway or another. There were several different hearings scheduled and several were cancelled because of one thing or another.

We planned a trip to Niagra Falls and New York in late July of that year. James' sister was getting married in the Toronto Temple. So we made it a vacation. We knew that we would be getting C permanantly anytime soon and wanted to include him on this trip. Because of legal logistics it wasn't possible.

At this point we had him at minimum of every other weekend. Many times more often than that.

Our homestudy was almost complete. We just needed to have a visit or something - I can't remember what exactly.

August 30, 1998 we went to church as we always did. It will be a day that is forever engraved into my memory. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday.

For some reason C's grandfather was at our church that day. They lived in a different ward than we did (in the beginning we were in the same ward). He said some very odd things to me that day. He seemed very distraught. He made comments like 'once accussed always guilty' and just some plain ugly comments.

I remember telling James something wasn't right. Maybe we should call Grandma and see if everything was okay. We decided not to call and just stay out of it.

We arrived home from church. Had just finished making lunch. Got M to bed (we were live in care-givers for a young lady who was a complete quad. and needed 100% assistance) and we had just sat down to relax.

When the phone rang we could tell who it was. When I answered I never could have believed what I heard on the other end. His Grandma was hysterical and crying. She wanted us to come get him immediately. Because we couldn't leave M we were not able to go together. As I talked with H on the phone I whispered to James he needed to go get C". For the next 25 or so minutes (until James got there) I talked with H and found out what had happened.

With in an hour - we became mom and dad. At that very moment/day we had no clue what was in store for us. At that very moment we didn't know if we would lose C or what would happen.

It was a brisk fall day. Our little boy came to us w/the clothes no his back. Maybe an outfit or two. But not much. The clothes he had were to small. He was scared. We were scared. It was the beginning of a long journey.

We called the LDS Social worker immediately. We tried calling him at home. No luck.

The next day the county social services was called by our adoption worker. We needed to make it very very very very....very very very....clear that in no way was C placed w/us from LDSSS. They had nothing to do with it. He came to us "in fear" he would be taken from his grandparent via what happened. Just as we took him for respite..this was really the same thing that happened. Only in our hearts we knew it was for good. We knew he wouldn't be allowed to go back to the home he had just came from.


What happened...

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