Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Discussion on Attachment Disorder

Little did I know that the idiotic conversation that the SW would have with us on Attatchment Disorder would be what we would end up facing.

He said (I am not making this up) Are you familiar with attachment?
We said something in the lines "of how it was when the child bonds with the parents/caregivers".
He said - I can see by how C is responding to you that there are no issues with attachment. If you think there might be issues you can read this book...and told us what it was. I can't remember what it was. However, I know that when I looked into it was NOT anything that would have been helpful or anything of the sort in regards to attachment.

That was our discussion/training on Attachment Disorder!!!

Since I'm on this topic and the agency. THis was the extent of our conversation in person with this agency. Not only did they NOT do placement visits in person. They were only at our home TWO TIMES EVER...Once was a few days after C came to live with us. He came one other time a few months later.

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